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Proulx Oil & Propane has its roots in the past, the present, and the future in the energy business. Proulx is about finding energy solutions that will benefit you our customer as well as future generations. Proulx remains steadfast and strong in embracing the changes that are sure to come and have already arrived.

The staff and management of Proulx Oil and Propane want you to know that we are here for you during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Let us help you be prepared for future weather events before they happen. Give us a call or and we will gladly assist you.

Joe Proulx, in 1944, was then embracing the country's shift from coal to oil when he started his business in Epping NH. Years later, Proulx took another step in that direction with the addition of propane gas, a cleaner burning product.

It has always been the philosophy of Proulx to welcome change when we see the benefits it can have for our customers, community, and the environment. We work hard to improve the customer experience at Proulx by embracing cutting edge technologies, products, and services.

In keeping core to our mission, Proulx has begun to treat ALL of our heating oil products with a cleaner burning fuel additive product known as Heat Force. Over time, the use of Heat Force will save our customers money by reducing service calls, and because it burns cleaner our customers will use less fuel, and because it will burn cleaner, we are putting less harmful stack gas emissions into the air and so Heat Force is also better for the environment.

Proulx continues to lead the competition by offering the latest product advances in the alternative energy market, providing our customers with "cleaner and greener" alternatives such as BioHeat. BioHeat is a renewable energy resource that can be grown on American farms, adds jobs, and reduces our dependency on foreign oil. Like our Heat Force fuel additive, BioHeat burns cleaner and is safer for the environment.

Proulx has and always will seek the best in emerging technologies and products for what benefits you most, our customer.

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